Tories want more protection against animal rights activists

Plans to protect shareholders from having their information disclosed to
protect them from animal rights extremists have been criticised by the
Conservatives for not going far enough.

The Conservatives has put forward amendments to the Company Law Reform bill,
stating that the current plans were inadequate, reports the Financial

‘They just haven’t thought it through,’ argued Conservative shadow trade and
industry minister Jonathan Djanogly.

Current plans include plans to allow companies to withhold shareholder
details for ‘anything other than a fit and proper purpose’, in relation to those
holding less than 5% of shares.

But the Tories claimed that Companies House would still enable access to
shareholder details, and warned about the cost on smaller companies for blocking
potential repeated court orders if activists made numerous requests for

The Tories want individual shareholders to have the right to ensure their
names and addresses are not disclosed.

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