Snitch on your neighbours: HMRC

HMRC is encouraging the public to shop tax dodgers using an online
“quick and easy” service in a new clampdown on those trying to cheat the system.

New penalties will target the most determined evaders, with HMRC able to
impose fines of up to 100% on unpaid levies. A spokesman said since 2005 about
£42m had been recovered as a result of informants calling the taxman’s
confidential hotlines.

“Reporting your concerns online is quick and easy”, said Stephen Timms,
financial secretary to the Treasury.

“By doing so you will be helping us to catch people who are unfairly
competing with honest businesses and denying funding for essential public
services…Being able to report potential tax evasion online is just the latest
step in demonstrating that for tax cheats the game is up.”

The HMRC says it takes all allegations seriously.

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