Green software holding finance directors back

Software providers are holding back adoption of environmental strategies as
they do not have the necessary tools.

The comments came from Jyoti Banerjee, a technology consultant and director
of Kite Blue, at the ICAEW’s sustainable business and green IT conference .

He said: “It is disappointing vendors are not playing a deep or significant
enough role” when it comes to environmental IT. He also pointed out
environmental software can be “easy” to create.

He explained technology companies are making it difficult for companies to
gather carbon emission data and make it relevant, as there is no software
available and what is out there is too costly.

He advised technology companies to use “financial information to generate
environmental information which will make it more usable for accountants to help

Banerjee used an American newspaper, newsweek, as an example. They calculated
the carbon emissions of some of the biggest companies in the US using their
financial statements. The data gathered was compared against the US equivalent
of the environment agency’s carbon measurements, to find out the business’

At the moment the “finance director has to be prepared to write a very big
cheque” if they need any form of environmental management system, which Banerjee
describes as a “turnoff.”

John Oates, partner of IT advisory services at Baker Tilly and ICAEW IT
Faculty president, disagrees. “Technology companies will develop the software
when it makes business sense to develop something,” he said.

He added there are options out there for the finance director. He conceded
the industry “could do better” but stated the technology vendors can only do ”
what the market is demanding and driven to and that comes from legislation and

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