Cabinet canvassed over euro matters

Link: Downing Street sets euro date

Blair and Brown will seek opinions from the most senior officials in the cabinet following the circulation of a 2,000-page report weighing up the pros and cons of joining the single currency.

At the same time Tony Blair is expected to ease worries by saying that Britain will not sign up to tax harmonisation treaties with the European Union.

On Sunday, Gordon Brown said during a television interview on Breakfast with Frost, that economic factors alone would decide whether or not Britain would join the single currency.

‘Economics and not dogma will be the final test,’ the chancellor said.

A final decision on joining the euro in the near future will be taken on 9 June, when the chancellor is likely to rule against joining.

  • The government is also come under criticism for not offering the British public a referendum on whether it should sign onto a proposed European constitution, which Eurosceptics believe will transfer power away from London to Brussels.

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