Man Utd tops rich league.

The club showed a turnover of 26% to £110.9m in its treble winning 1998/99 season – putting it first in the ranking of the 25 European clubs with the highest turnovers. German giants Bayern Munich came runner-up to United in both the Champions League final and the financial league. A registered turnover of £83.5m nudged Bayern ahead of Real Madrid – but such was Manchester United’s dominance Bayern trailed by £27.4m, a 33% shortfall. The survey – the third of its kind – found England’s Premier League dominated with eight clubs including Mersey giants Liverpool making the grade. The rest of Europe fills the remaining places with six from Italy and two each from Germany, Spain and Scotland. World champions France failed to provide a member, with Paris St Germain dropping down to 25. But Gerry Boon, partner in charge of Deloitte & Touche Sport, warned: ‘The UK dominance may be threatened by the flow of TV money. The Spanish and Italian clubs recently won the right to negotiate their own TV deals and this injection of TV money should propel them higher in the rankings. The English Premier League TV deal will also produce massive revenues in 2001/2 and it could be all changeover the next couple of years.’

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