Anti-IR35 hopes crushed again

In forecast conclusion, the Court of Appeal rejected the PCG’s latest claim that IR35 was in contravention of European law.

Immediately after the result was made public at the Royal Courts of Justice, PCG spokeswoman Susie Hughes said the battle would go on against IR35.

‘We will drive forward with our strategy of developing case law. Our fight will carry on strongly, very strongly.’

The PCG lost a battle earlier in the year when the High Court stood by the Inland Revenue and upheld the legality of IR35 which has affected thousands of contractors across the country.

The fight was immediately taken to the Court of Appeal, where the PCG continued its claim that IR35 controvened European competition law and was contractors overseas in search of work.

During this summer’s general election the Tory party pledged to overturn IR35 if it won power.


Contractor defeated in IR35 appeal

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