Tax debt catches up with gangster

Self-proclaimed gangster, actor and author David Courtney has been made
bankrupt owing the HM Revenue & Customs, his main creditor, an estimated

The published author, whose books include Dodgy Dave’s Little Black Book and
The Ride’s Back On is understood to owe an estimated £400,000 to creditors.

It is believed the taxman called time on Courtney’s debts and applied for the
insolvency order against him. It is believed the case could focus on the book
rights that Courtney retains his main asset as a way of settling creditor’s

Courtney had a small part in the 1990 film The Krays, and supplied the
security at Ronnie Kray’s funeral. He is also reported as being the inspiration
behind the character played by Vinnie Jones in the Guy Richie movie Lock Stock
and Two Smoking Barrels.

Papers lodged on the Individual Insolvency Register show that Louise
Brittain, head of personal insolvency at Baker Tilley, has been appointed the
bankruptcy trustee in Courtney’s case. The papers reveal he will not be
discharged from bankruptcy automatically until 18 February 2010.

Courtney’s registered address is a house in south east London, known as
Camelot, decked out with union jacks and a large knuckle duster on the gate.

Accountancy Age was unable to reach Courtney for comment.

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