Iris makes move into on-demand software

Iris has taken its first step into software as a service and on-demand,
internet-based programmes with its purchase of a controlling-stake in PH-media.

PH-media is a leading provider of web practice management software to
architects, engineers, marketers and consultants. PH-media is to be integrated
into Iris’s accounting and business solutions arm.

The move signals Iris’s intentions to make a move into on-demand applications
with products already within its stable, including its various accounting
packages, including Exchequer.

‘This is a significant move for Iris as it underscores the investment it is
making in the next generation of its applications, specifically in the online
world,’ Iris said in a statement.

In a separate announcement Iris also revealed that it had announced a
partnership agreement with Invu, a leading provider of document management

The integration of Invu technology into the award winning IRIS Practice
Management system means that accountants will be able to increase efficiency
when storing and retrieving documents and reduce the amount of paper held.

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