PwC’s Leeds man wins Budget competition

From a large field of entries, Copley snatched the winner’s spot after getting nine out ten of our brain teasers correct.

And he bags £100 worth of theatre tickets for his efforts.

Competition was tough this year and with nobody getting all ten questions right, chancellor Gordon Brown caught everyone on the hop.

But Copley, 25, won through, his only mistake being to assume Brown would not try to close perceived loopholes in rules for limited liability partnerships – a move the chancellor actually announced in November.

Copley, a manager in corporate finance recovery and with PwC since 1996, said: ‘I know absolutely nothing about tax. All I did was use the consensus from experts in Accountancy Age. It’s a total fluke.’

He added: ‘I shall use my theatre tickets prudently.’

Well done Paul and thanks to all those who entered making this year’s competition one of the most popular ever.

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