Accountant testifies in Jacko’s defence

Forensic accountant Jan Goren testified in a court in California that Marc
Schaffel, a former business associate of pop singer Michael Jackson, used money
pay for a $1.9m (£1.1m) home, rather than for business expenses as is being

Schaffel has alleged that Jackson owes him $1.6m (£900,000) in unpaid loans
and expenses, unpaid salary for a charity record and a share of proceeds from
two TV programmes produced to repair Jackson’s image, following the damning
British documentary ‘Living with Michael Jackson’, reported.

Goren told jurors he has traced the passage of millions of dollars through
Schaffel’s bank accounts, and could find no proof to support some of his claims
against Jackson

Goren told the Santa Monica court, ‘There is no cheque, no moneys leaving a
bank… no bank statements, no ledgers.’

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