Andersens to discard consulting brand

Arthur Andersen retained rights to use the Andersen Consulting brand following the arbitration process that oversaw the Andersens’ split.

Andersen Consulting was forced to rename and chose Accenture as its new title. It has since spent almost £70m on establishing and promoting the new identity but under the terms of the separation agreement must discontinue the use of the phrase ‘formerly known as Andersen Consulting’ by the end of March.

The divorce agreement could have allowed Arthur Andersen Business Consulting to take on the name ‘Andersen Consulting’, a world renowned financial brand.

But Richard Boulton, global head of Arthur Andersen’s Business Consulting division told this week, it ‘does not want to hide its consulting strength’.

‘Our consulting division is a very different organisation to Andersen Consulting. We don’t want to be seen as passing ourselves off as them,’ Boulton said.

He added: ‘Arthur Andersen is already a very powerful brand in professional services.’

Accenture was unwilling to comment on the development.


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