Wap must live up to the hype, warns Ovum

According to a report from research company Ovum, the hypegenerated by Wap has led to a user expectation that is totally out oftouch with reality.

Many customers expect to replicate on their mobile phones theirexperience of the internet on the PC, warns Ovum. Users expectgraphics, colour and video, and it is up to the mobile operator tocontrol user expectation of what services can actually be delivered,said the researcher.

In reality, most Wap services are text-based, screens and keyboardsare small, connection and browsing is slow, and call charges,particularly during peak times, quickly add up. Broadband, ‘always on’networks should ease some of these problems, said Ovum.

‘Operators and content providers can’t afford to wait for bettertechnology,’ said Michele Mackenzie, an analyst at Ovum. ‘They canact now by moving beyond the hype and playing to the strengths ofWap. They must become wireless data champions and encourageadoption by delivering really compelling and innovative applications.’

According to Ovum, Wap alone will not be enough to seduce users.Other technologies are needed including location-based services,message management, so-called push services, security and shortmessage services.

However, Wap technology and services is expected to be the coredriver behind wireless internet over the next two years.

Being on when you’re out: mobile internet technology

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