Software houses show faith in ASP

Business and accounting solutions provider Accpac said 30% of its leads in September were for ASP solutions, particularly in companies with networks of one to 10 users.

Keith Fenner, Accpac’s assistant vice-president of internet business said, most of Accpac’s products were now offered as ASP solutions.

‘It a low cost option that it is totally scalable from anything like a chip store to a global company,’ Fenner told

He added: ‘Our clients that use DOS are transferring across to an ASP platform and we are also running on Linux.’

Accpac claims savings of up to 20% can be made by using an ASP solution as opposed to buying the software and running it on a network – this at a time when IT budgets are being cut, but companies are expected to keep up with technology.

Fenner said accountants were very keen on the idea. Among Accpac clients using the ASP option is PricewaterhouseCoopers in South Africa, while the company said it was talking to a number of mid-tier firms.

Hosted financial applications company Impaq said ASPs were being strongly promoted by accountants in the UK.

A spokesman for the company said: ‘ASPs replace the bureau-type service that accountants used to offer their clients.’

‘A 10-man business can now use a product that would normally only be affordable by a much larger company,’ he added.

However, enterprise software provider Coda was more cautious about the market for hosted solutions.

The company said the US was currently a strong market for ASPs, but said the UK was still at the ’embryonic stage’.

And e-business solution provider Agresso Unit 4 is also turning its interest elsewhere.

Managing director John Crooks said the company did not see a demand for ASP services in the UK and saw the future in mobile services and resource management.


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