FDs split over fox hunt ban

The government’s decision to ban hunting with dogs, which came into force last week, will undermine the economic viability of rural communities, according to many of the nation’s finance directors.

The Accountancy Age/Reed Finance Big Question this week revealed that 38% of those questioned felt the fox hunting ban would have a hugely damaging impact on those industries and communities that rely heavily on the sport as a way of life.

‘I feel very strongly that this ban will have an adverse effect on the rural community,’ said one FD. ‘Hunting is a tradition that should be protected rather than banned.’

Another said: ‘Only time will show that this was a mistake.’

There was an equally strong reaction from those who felt the economic consequences had been overstated, with 40% arguing that the ban would not affect rural communities.

‘I live in a rural community and I feel that the impact for such areas economically will be much less than the media would suggest,’ stated one respondent.

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