Hartnett lays down secondment gauntlet to plcs and firms

HMRC chief Dave Hartnett has laid down a challenge to corporates and advisers
demanding they allow HMRC staff access to their most confidential systems.

The Permanent Secrertary for Tax will write to them major corporates and tax
advisers asking them to commit to a charter to allow much broader secondments of
staff and grant them access to more information.

Addressing an audience of the country’s most eminent tax accountants at the
ICAEW’s annual Hardman lecture, the Permanent Secretary for Tax said he would be
approaching big businesses and advisers in the next few weeks.

“It’s just not enough to say you crave certainty in tax administration
without investing in the people charged to deliver it: Take HMRC people on
secondment,” Hartnett said.

“I’m afraid I cringe when a firm or company says ‘We’ll take on your people,
but you can’t see our systems.’ It’s just not enough.”

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