ITV digital monkeys auctioned

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The auction comes as Deloitte prepares for a creditors’ meeting at the beginning of October during which a liquidator for the company is expected to be appointed. More than 2,700 items will be auctioned, including 100 replicas of the Monkey mascot, TVs, computers and signal processing units.

Staged yesterday and today, the auction will be broadcast live on the internet where you will be able to bid online. Auctioneer Wyles Hardy, conducting the sale for Deloitte, said there was ‘considerable interest’ in the auction and they aimed to raise a ‘substantial amount’ for creditors.

Particular interest will be generated by the presence of the knitted mascot following a controversial custody battle between Deloitte and advertising agency Mother. Deloitte said the battle had been resolved in their favour and rights to Monkey, and 32,000 clones, were sold in July to a party that wishes to remain anonymous.

A deal over the set-top boxes, not in the auction, is being negotiated.

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