BusinessCompany NewsAgresso/Coda group strong in 2008

Agresso/Coda group strong in 2008

Business software providers announce strong growth and profits for 2008, but word caution for 2009

The Agresso and Coda group has announced strong revenue and profit growth for
year end 2008.

Business software provider Unit 4 Agresso increased revenues to 394m Euros
from 309m Euros, taking profits to 70m Euros.

UK revenues grew by 14% assuming constant exchange rates.

CFO Edwin van Leeuwen said the growth showed its strength in the public
sector and a number of other vertical specialisations, but worded caution for
2009 prospects due to worsening economic circumstances.

‘This does not mean Unit 4 Agresso is immune to the consequences of the
credit crisis and current economic circumstances make it very difficult to
predict market demand in 2009.’

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