KPMG’s weblink row backfires

KPMG has written to insisting there was no formal agreement allowing the site to use a hyperlink to

Dozens of independent sites linked to KPMG are now anticipating the firm’s wrath.

Chris Raettig’s site contains a number of corporate anthems, and its top ten list features several versions of KPMG’s anthem, ‘Vision of Global Strategy’.

Raettig was told by KPMG to remove the link, a request he politely declined. ‘I’m not sure how a policy on your part translates into action being required on mine,’ he replied. ‘If every hyperlink used on the web required parties at both sides of the link to enter into a formal agreement, I sincerely doubt that the web would be in existence today.’

Ironically KPMG’s interest in the anthem site has increased the number of its hits so much Raettig is looking for a larger internet service provider. The firm said it was ‘protecting our trademark and brand’ but ‘declined to address the issue’ of any next steps against Raettig.


KPMG’s vision of global strategy (MP3 format)

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