Tips for climbing up the career ladder

If you want to be the master of your own corporate destiny, these six tips should provide the basis for developing your career.

Take the initiative
‘Pro-active career management’. Plan your career development – this means setting yourself goals and working towards them – ‘Someone going nowhere will get there’

Change employers regularly
It is always easier to climb the career ladder by changing employer because changing perceptions of your abilities is much harder to do internally. But be warned this tactic can backfire – too many changes on your CV can make it look like you don’t settle easily

Do your company research
When looking for a new employer make sure you research the organisation properly – find out about your role, the team/department, staff turnover, career development, training – always question promises if the company’s history does not show a commitment to it. If possible, spend some time working there, even for a few days, before you make any commitment – it is amazing what you can find out and it could save you from making the wrong decision

Set targets and goals
If you plan to stay with a company but wish to progress internally, don’t be afraid to ask for regular reviews and encourage your employer to tell you how you need to improve in order to get the next promotion – better still, get them to set targets and time scales for getting there.

Don’t forget your recruitment consultant
Make regular contact with a recruitment consultant to keep aware of the opportunities available to you – it not only boosts your confidence but it helps you to keep aware of the salaries your counterparts are being offered in the industry

Take stock every six months
Never get to the point where you hate your job and are desperate to leave – it makes you negative, lose confidence and more liable to make bad career decisions. Take stock every six months to see if you are satisfied with your position – ask yourself if you will still feel that way in another six months – and then make strategic decisions about your career development.

  • Simon Harrington is operations director for RK Financial Selection and the RK Accounts Team

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