Regret at ICAS exit from training body

The Accountancy National Training Organisation issued the comment after ICAS withdrew its support and aimed heavy criticism at the body.

ICAS blamed ‘the weak organisation structure and lack of governance over its activities; a lack of any significant financial or practical involvement in the activities of the ANTO by employees and refusal by the ANTO to work alongside the professional bodies,’ for its change of heart.

ANTO, along with training organisations for other sectors, was created by the Department of Education to research skill requirements and set occupational standards.

ICAS was part of the development group, along with the other accountancy institutes, and was committed to contributing Pounds 7,000 a year for three years.

The ANTO statement said it has addressed concerns about the body. ANTO regard it as preferable that the original Development Group had remained intact until the way forward has been made clear. Therefore the withdrawal of ICAS is regrettable. ‘


ICAS exits accountancy training body

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