ACCA and Oxford Brookes offer MBA

This latest move in accountancy training follows hot on the heels of the two organisations previous cooperation to offer ACCA students the opportunity to qualify for a BSc in applied accounting.

The MBA should be available worldwide from 2001.

Jim Bradshaw, deputy vice channcellor at Oxford Brookes, said: ‘We have seen in recent years the formation of various groups, partnerships and alliances between universities. As far as I am aware this the first major alliance between a university and a professional body.

‘This is an exciting development whihc will enable us to develop jointly a new postgraduate qualification designed to meet the needsa of students and employers in the financial sector.’

Anthea Rose, chief exectuive at ACCA, said: ‘It will give ACCA members the opportunity to extend their set of professional skills with an MBA, designed in partnership with a university with an outstanding reputation.’

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