Big firm blocks Wimbledon web access

KPMG has sent out an email to its 8,000 staff saying that due to very high loads on its systems, access to all sports websites would be blocked.

The draconian measurers were introduced after it was discovered that at lunchtime, most connections were to sports-related sites.

According to the email, the resulting overload on the firm’s systems meant engagement teams were prevented from getting the access needed to do their jobs.Out-of office hours access will still remain possible, but other types of site, which the firm refers to as containing ‘inappropriate material’ will be blocked at all times.

Those attempting to access such sites will instead be greeted with a message saying access has been denied.

The firm has assured staff they will not be spied on despite the firm’s ability to monitor individual access patterns.

A spokesperson confirmed the move, saying it was a ‘prudent measure to prevent the possibility of high traffic impacting on business critical information systems’.


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