Andersen signs enterprise alliance

[QQ]Andersen Consulting and ERP vendor JD Edwards have forged an alliance, cementing a business relationship which has lasted for 12 years. Under the deal the firms will provide professional services, business strategy and enterprise software products worldwide as preferred business partners in more than 100 countries. The two firms will collaborate in terms of designing new business processes as well as managing business change.[QQ] Karl Newkirk, managing partner, enterprise business solutions at Andersen Consulting commented: “The alliance is part of Andersen’s strategy of forging deep relationships with fast growing companies to transform their business infrastructure and to integrate areas such as electronic commerce, supply chain optimisation, customer relationship management and human resources. The alliance will tackle business and operational issues across the full range of industries.”[QQ] Part of the deal will see JD Edwards’ software portfolio being installed in all Andersen Consulting Enterprise Business Solution Centres. Andersen has 33 of these centres worldwide, to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing on subjects such as e-commerce, business process reengineering and change management. One hundred Andersen consultants in the centres will be trained on JD Edwards’ software products.[QQ] Douglas Massingill, president and CEO at JD Edwards said: “Smart companies recognise the need to control their IT systems if they’re to manage their expansion successfully. This is the most compelling reason for them to purchase enterprise solutions that can adapt quickly to opportunity.[QQ] This alliance builds upon our strategy of enabling customers to change their systems as needs dictate, ensuring they have predictable and viable solutions as times and technologies change.”[QQ] The long-running business relationship between Andersen and JD Edwards has already involved them in collaborations on enterprise wide solutions for a number of companies including Gateway, Mahou, Total and Yaraco.

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