85% of businesses say Whitehall won’t cut red tape

Businesses are not convinced by government’s plans to cut red tape and
believe that the programme to cut bureaucracy will not tackle regulation
business finds most irritating.

In a report by the NAO, called ‘Reducing the Cost of Complying with
Regulations: The Delivery of the Administrative Burdens Reduction Programme
2007’, the watchdog said that the administrative reduction programme, launched
in December, was failing to win over companies.

The NAO found that 85% of businesses it polled were not confident that
Whitehall would succeed in its plans of reducing the £20bn regulatory burden by
20% by 2010.

Business said the government was not equipped to cut red tape and was not
consulting enough with business on where to direct its efforts.

‘For regulatory reform to succeed, departments must understand business and
measure and communicate results,’ said NAO head Sir John Bourn.

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