Revenue workers ‘invented’ disabled children

Two HM Revenue & Customs employees who worked on a tax credit helpline
based in Livingston have admitted their part in a tax scam that netted them

The Evening Times reported that Nasir Ahmed, 39, of Muirhead Drive,
Newarthill, Motherwell and Imran Ayub, 25, of Rupert Street, Woodlands, Glasgow,
used their jobs in a West Lothian tax office to get the confidential details of
dozens of parents.

They then used the correct details and security information of genuine tax
credit applications to amend the claims by adding fictitious disabled children.

Once the false changes were made the men then had the payments transferred to
new bank accounts.

Police were able to link the fake claims to the two defendents because they
took the initial calls from the victims.

Much of the money was diverted into the bank accounts of Thomas McLaughlin,
48, of Wynford Road, Glasgow and Zahid Anwar, 26, of St Vincent Terrace,

Ahmed and Ayub both admitted in court to their part in the fraud, while Anwar
and McLaughlin pleaded guilty to illegally obtaining money.

Sentencing has been deferred to 24 October.

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