AdSlot1 weekly news focus: Practice

In an exclusive feature this week, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, whose strict auditor independence rules forced the resignation of PwC high-flyer Geoff Westmore last week, comes under fire from the UK profession.

Its rules and actions are variously described as absurd, damaging and out-of-date.

These criticisms, however, are laced with warnings that the UK profession needs to take some sort of action if it is to avoid the imposition of rules from the US regulator.

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In the wake of Arthur Andersen’s rebranding exercise, the newswire this week features a specially-commissioned piece written by a leading brand expert on the challenges faced by accountancy firms when it comes to branding issues – in other words, how can they stand out from the crowd ?

Of more personal interest to many readers, there are a number of stories and features on on the issue of ‘office casual’ dress, again in the wake of the Arthur Andersen ‘dressdown’ decision.

Later this week, look out for a feature which gets behind the inpenetrable technospeak and explores, in plain English, what the Big Five firms are actually doing about what is being desribed as the e-business revolution.

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