Taking Stock – Czechs put accent on Texan-style English.

British engineers meeting with a team of accountants and the FD from an automotive components and systems company in the Czech Republic discovered this invaluable tip while on a fact-finding mission last week.

During discussions they noticed that the Czech team spoke perfect English – but with thick Texan accents.

And, when the two sides retired to a bar to tie up the loose ends and unwind, the subject of the Czechs’ accents came up in conversation:

Engineer: We are amazed at how everyone here speaks fluent English. Did you attend a language school or study at universities?

Czech accountant: No, the schools were never equipped with books and universities were only for a privileged few.

Engineer: So how did you learn to speak English so well?

Czech accountant: By watching Dallas on TV – I learnt everything about the West, languages and the role of accountants and finance from JR and Bobby …

The accountant went on to explain that during the 1980s, Dallas was beamed into millions of homes in the Eastern Bloc with the hope of informing the masses about the evils of capitalism. But instead of the intended outcome, the authorities managed to teach thousands of people to speak English … and demonstrate business Texas-style.

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