Accountants are a modest bunch, often toiling away in the wings, doing the donkey work and remaining unknown and unsung. One young trainee has however decided fame, bright lights and the glamour of one of the country’s most popular soap operas is more stimulating. Greg Pateras, an audit trainee with KPMG in Liverpool, has won a part in that quintessential scouser series Brookside where he will play Clint, the ‘hunky’ boyfriend of soap regular Katie Rogers. ‘This has been a dream come true,’ says Pateras, ‘Everyone has been really supportive.’ Obviously keen to bathe in a little reflected glory the Big Five’s regional office have claimed ‘Greg’s role in Brookside illustrates the wide range of talents KPMG people have.’ Really? TS wonders what other lights are being kept under the KPMG bushel. Or does KPMG’s HR department actually screen for these things when searching for new recruits. We can see the interview scenario now – ‘Well Mr Patera we’re very impressed with your qualifications but can you give an onscreen kiss, hit your mark and complete an audit to deadline?’ We knew the professional services sector was diversifying all the time but this is getting ridiculous.

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