Williams Jeffrey Barber name merged into Chiltern

The company said the change will take effect from 3rd April 2000 and was the result of a move to consolidate the names and brands within the group.

‘The change is being made to consolidate the group’s structure following a period of tremendous growth over the last two years’, said a spokesman.

The move will allow the group’s Williams Jeffrey Barber subsidiary, its professional-focused business (the WJB of WJB Chiltern), to provide a greater number of services to its traditional client base of accountancy firms, law firms and independent financial advisers under the new WJB Chiltern name.

The WJB Chiltern Group was formed in March 1998 following a management buy-out from UBS prior to UBS’s merger with SBC.

Since then, the group has consolidated its position as the largest independent tax adviser in the UK achieving growth of 25% p.a in its tax consulting business, and now employing over 300 consultants.

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