Brown stands by decision to scrap pension tax credits

With the backing of the prime minister,
Gordon Brown
has spoken out in defence of his controversial move to scrap
credits for pension funds

Speaking at a press conference in Glasgow and flanked by Tony Blair, he
insisting it had been the best decision for the long-term health of the economy.

Brown said the measure had been ‘the right decision to make. It was the right
decision for investment, and it was the right decision for the future of our
pension system, and it was the right decision for the future of our economy’.

The move was aimed at attempting to silence growing criticism of the 1997
measure, which has seen the opposition claim that it had damaged the pensions of
millions of Britons by reintroducing a £5bn tax bill to pensions funds.

The CBI has accused the Treasury of
using spin to suggest it supported the tax scrap, when it in fact, did not.

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