Top 100 prove a challenge for CEOs

[QQ]The UK’s top 100 companies change their chief executive officers on average every four years – more than twice as often as their unquoted counterparts, according to a Cranfield School of Management survey.[QQ] The report, The Challenges of Leadership, also found that the biggest pressure for change for high profile CEOs comes from investors worried about share performance, and the media which can put pressure on CEOs.[QQ] Those CEOs in unquoted companies believe that life is easier in the unquoted sector where they can take a longer term view and move more quickly.[QQ] Cranfield’s Murray Steele, one of the authors of the report, commented: “The CEOs of top UK quoted companies face increasing pressures to perform.[QQ] In future, like premier league football managers, they will have a shorter period of time in which to deliver results.”

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