BASDA launches Green Charter

The Business Application Software Developers Association (BASDA) has created
the Green Charter, the first common agreement on standards and measurements
software vendors can all adhere to.

The Green Charter will set an industry standard of ethics and guidelines
relating to environmental issues, with all companies signing up allowed to use
the logo. Companies listed as a Green Charter will have to adhere to the strict
guidelines created in association with the European Commission.

John Doyle, sustainable development policy co-ordinator of the European
Commission said: ‘The European Commission has acknowledged the important part
the business software providers must play. They are the catalysts to enable all
sectors of the economy to become more carbon efficient without stifling growth.’

The GC covers four main areas: a commitment for software companies themselves
to strive to be more carbon efficient; a pledge to deliver software innovations
to drive customers’ carbon efficiency; a strategy to work with other relevant
bodies to create common standards to aid rapid action; and an acknowledgement of
the role BASDA and its members must play in increasing awareness around the
issues and solutions.

Jairo Rojas, director general of BASDA said: ‘We will work with bodies like
the European Commission to ensure targets are met – whilst still recognising the
need for continued economic growth.’

There are currently 25 organisations that have signed up:

Access Accounting


Acorah Software Products

Business-Work-Ware (Docusoft)

Causeway Technologies

COA Solutions

Document Engineering Services

Forbes Computer Systems

GCrypt Ltd






Moore Krickl International



PS Financials


HR Ltd

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