Oxfam seeks accountants for Sudan work

Link: Charity FDs welcome greater transparency

The roles, which offer a ‘competitive’ salary, require relocation to Sudan, where one million people have been forced to leave their homes.

Posts are also advertised for work in neighbouring Chad, where 180,000 refugees have fled following attacks from pro-government militias, called the Janjaweed. The successful applicants will make the difference between life and death, according to Oxfam.

‘Good accounting is vital to ensure we are able to maintain donor relationships and the quality of programme that keeps people alive,’ said Oxfam’s Sam Barratt.

He described finance staff as a ‘key cog’ in any overseas emergency situation because of their ability to guarantee accountability and ensure money is spent efficiently and gets quickly to where it is needed.

Oxfam warned the jobs would be ‘high pressure’. The charity is gearing up to spend £19m on the crisis in Sudan, which it described as one of its biggest ever emergencies.

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