Poor case study performance by English ICA students

The news came after hundreds of students filled streets outside mainline railway stations on Friday night in the traditional rush to see results in early editions of Saturday’s Times newspaper.

Despite problems highlighted by examiners, there were jubilant scenes at Charing Cross station.

In pouring rain students crowded around news venders to get their copies of the Times.

Louis Lenette, 23, works at Ernst & Young and passed all his exams. In England from Mauritius, the success will him enable to move to Australia and a new post.’I’m so relieved. You just never know what will happen. I needed this pass to move,’ he said.

The pass rate among the 2366 students to take the full TC2 exam was 62%, and 72% for the 2537 sitting the full FAE.

Results were in line with institute expectations but Paul Mallinson, head of education and assessment at the institute, said examiners wanted to draw attention to problems with the case study in Auditing and Financial Reporting.

‘It’s a pointer for future students, an area they need to address,’ he said

To see the institute’s exam pass list visit the home page and click on the icon on the right-hand side. After Friday 17 December, the icon will be moved to the ‘Essentials’ section as a special feature.

Exam row response

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