Androids get trendy new image, including relaxed dress code

As part of the move, the firm has told the men among his 7,000 staff that they no longer have to wear suits to work – and staff are even being encouraged to discuss fashion in the office.

The firm’s double doors logo has disappeared and been replaced with Arthur Andersen written in red and orange set off with a small orange circle.

All staff have also been issued with a mobile phone.

It said that a relaxed dress code is more suited to the ‘new economy’ of e-commerce and internet start-ups.

UK managing partner Philip Randall led by example as hearrived at work yesterday in grey slacks and wearing an open-neck blue shirt.

He was quoted as saying: ‘We’re not going to have a list of things saying what you can and what you cannot wear. There will be people who don’t quite ‘get it’. We’ll talk to them.’

An internal announcement said: ‘Some groups may want to share ideas, discuss and consider business wear more fully. We encourage this.’

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