TakingStock – The smart money’s on Gerry

So KPMG’s Mr Green Reporting, and best chum of some of the chaps in government, Gerry Acher, is to become the honorary treasurer for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee next year.

Let TS be the first to say it – this will be Gerry’s Jubilee, er …, in a manner of speaking anyway.

Yes, when we’re all loyally and patriotically waving flags while we scoff fairy cakes and pop at our street parties in June 2002 we’ll have Gerry to thank for making sure the sums add up.

This leads TS to wonder about toddling off to Ladbrokes right now to take a punt on Mr Acher.

We reckon that a tenner at 10-1 on Acher becoming Sir Gerry by 2003’s new year honours list would be a fairly good bet.

Remember – you heard it here first!

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