Rose paid £2,000 a day as ACCA consultant

Link: Rose to sever ties with ACCA

Rose was retained by the association on a consultancy basis, with ACCA agreeing to pay a daily rate of £2,000 on top of a quarterly retainer of £5,000. The deal finally ran out on 31 March this year.

She was paid £8,000 under the agreement during the three months to 31 December, and even if Rose’s services were not called upon during 2004, the deal will result in a total remuneration to her of £13,000.

A spokesman for ACCA said the figures were ‘very small in the overall scheme of things’ and confirmed that Rose was no longer with the association in any capacity.

He added that it was reasonable for the association to retain the services of Rose considering her experience and the fact there was no permanent CEO in place on her departure date.

‘Obviously there was a hiatus before we got Allen Blewitt, so I think the idea of having that was reasonable and the usage turned out to be fairly minimal,’ the spokesman said.

Rose was paid £421,498 in 2003, not including the consultancy fees, marking a 66% pay rise over her 2002 remuneration package of £253,896.

Rose’s remuneration is likely to be discussed at ACCA’s 2004 annual general meeting, which takes place on 20 May. The association is planning to increase its admission fees for 2005 by £5 to £165.

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