Revenue’s top prosecutor has contract renewed

The head of the taxman’s prosecution arm has had his contract extended for a
further two years, it was announced today.

David Green QC was re-appointed by the attorney general as director of the
Revenue &
Customs Prosecutions Office
until 6 December 2009.

The independent department also handles prosecutions for the Serious and
Organised Crime Agency.

Green, who has been in control of the RCPO since its launch in April 2005,
said: ‘I am delighted to accept the attorney’s offer of a two-year extension to
my contract as director. We remain focused on working to the highest standards
in the conduct of our prosecutions for HMRC and for SOCA, and making a
significant contribution to the criminal justice system.’

The attorney general, Baroness Scotland QC, added: ‘I am very grateful for
David Green’s work in establishing and leading the Revenue & Customs
Prosecutions Office as a fully functioning independent prosecutions office
within the criminal justice system. This was a major undertaking and much has
been achieved over the past three years.’

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