Labour politicians facing false accounting charges

Labour Party politicians caught up in the ‘cash for honours’ scandal could be
jailed for up to seven years if convicted of a more serious charge of false
accounting, the Sunday Telegraph has learned.

It is alleged that some policians have made themselves open to the charge
because they kept details of £14m of loans secret from Jack Dromey, the party

The case relates to people who lent money to the party and who were then
subsequently nominated for Labour Party peerages.

According to the paper, a fresh report, which includes this charge, has now
been sent by Scotland Yard investigators to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The offence of false accounting carries a maximum penalty of seven years’

The politicians could be charged under the offence for destroying, defacing,
concealing or falsifying any account or any record or document made or required
for any accounting purpose.

At least 48 people have been questioned by police, with three arrested and

All those arrested and questioned deny acting illegally.

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