Forensic accountant boosts crime swoop

The head of the Scottish Crime and Drug
Enforcement Agency
(SCDEA) has said the appointment of a forensic accountant
specialising in tracing bank accounts to its Money Laundering Unit, would
provide a major boost to police efforts to seize the proceeds of crime.

The SCDEA’s Graeme Pearson also said new orders that require criminals to
declare income for the rest of their lives, would also help police in their

Detectives from the SCDEA are currently on the trail of more than £10m worth
of luxury houses, cars, bank accounts and other assets hoarded by crime bosses,
The Scotsman reported.

Last month, the SCDEA announced that £4.3m-worth of criminal assets pursued
by the agency were seized in 2006-7.

The Proceeds of
Crime Act (2002)
gives the courts power to seize money, goods and even homes
linked to illegal activity.

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