Taking Stock.

It’s a rare occasion that TS comes across a firm that looks at the wider economic implications entwined in the environment.

Of course, neither altruism nor a love of tree-hugging was the driving force behind KPMG’s decision to shun the traditional Christmas card for its modern alternative – the e-card.

By not sending out paper cards for Christmas 2000, Mike Kelly, KPMG’s environment manager, reckoned the firm saved the weight in paper of ‘something like 15 reindeer’ (above, yesterday, at Salisbury Square).

TS wasn’t sure how the reindeer were weighed or which Salisbury Square wranglers got to grips with all those antlers.

Gerry Acher, KPMG’s London senior partner and advocate of paper-saving, rounded on companies that continue to send out reams of paper in the form of financial reports. ‘I challenge you to find one shareholder who reads the whole thing!’

Hang on, doesn’t that mean the profession is wasting its time?

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