Taking Stock Budget Special – Budget Bonus – Chancellors Quiz.

For readers who prefer their accountants at this time of year to be of the turf variety rather than chartered, Taking Stock hopes to save you a trip to the high street. To test your knowledge, we have prepared ten Budget-themed questions. To celebrate their new pink rebranding, financial recruitment agency Hewitson Walker ( will present a case of pink champagne to the winner. To win, simply tick the correct answers and return the coupon to Accountancy Age by fax. Or enter online at The deadline is Thursday, 23 March. Which previous chancellor: 1. Introduced Air Travel Duty 2. Raised VAT to 15% 3. Announced merger of Budget and Autumn statements 4. Reduced Higher Rate Income Tax to 40% 5. Presented the first televised Budget 6. Stopped Bed and Breakfasting 7. Introduced 20p rate on first £2,000 of taxable income 8. Announced separate taxation for husbands and wives 9. Abolished MIRAS 10. Reduced the basic rate of income tax by 1p to 23p (Clue: each of the answers is either Gordon Brown, Kenneth Clarke, Sir Geoffrey Howe, Norman Lamont, Nigel Lawson or John Major) Tie breaks Which hotel will the winner of the Barcelona competition be staying at (clue on the website)? How many times did chancellor Gordon Brown say ‘prudence’ in his annual Budget speech on Tuesday? fax back form to 020 7316 9250 by 1pm, Thursday 23 March.

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