Taking Stock – More pain in a company’s productivity than a bundle of

Ever the gentleman, Digby Jones, director general of the Confederation of British Industry and former partner at KPMG said, has unveiled the secret to business success.

Contrary to Labour party efforts to improve employees’ rights Jones is adamant trends need to be reversed to boost productivity.

Speaking in a survey for last week’s Grant Thornton Owners Day he listed various types of maternity leave and quipped: ‘That kind of legislation should have no place in tomorrow’s business world.’ Warming to his theme he went so far as to predict it would be the downfall of British productivity.

TS was considering staging a face off between Jones and Cherie Blair who has been recently championing the benefits of paternity leave.

However he did have some good advice for employees. ‘Please and thank you are free. It’s very difficult to give a bollocking to someone who’s smiling.’ Yes, quite so.

Pregnant managers seeking a couple of days off should smile nicely while being told they are jeopardising productivity.

Chef Delia Smith, who is a director at Norwich City FC along with her husband, also proved she and hubby are on the ball with current trends in the world of business. ‘No, we don’t know anything about finance …

We don’t know anything about tax,’ she told the survey.

TS assumes she’s cooking the food and not the books.

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