Care assistant jailed for tax fraud

Irene Bradley, a care-assistant, was sentenced in a Salford Magistrates Court for falsifying her WFTC claim.

Bradley of 32 Philip Street, Eccles, in Manchester, had previously pleaded guilty to faking her employment details in order to obtain the maximum tax credit. She used a stamping kit to endorse documents to support her fraudulent claim.

The 52-year-old care assistant was also sentenced to four months imprisonment on five charges of false accounting in connection with fraudulent housing benefit offences.

Bradley used the same stamping technique to enable her daughter Michelle Bradley of Hereford Road, Ellesmere Park, to receive WFTC even though she was unemployed at the time of the claim.

From 15 February 2000 to 14 August 2000 Bradley was awarded Pounds 73.20 per week adding up to Pounds 1903.20. She was legally entitled to Pounds 1299.22.

Her daughter was awarded a total of Pounds 1875.90 from 22 February to 21 August 2000. She was sentenced to 120 hours community service and ordered to pay Pounds 250 compensation.

As a result of the frauds by the mother-and-daughter team, the Inland Revenue suffered losses of Pounds 2479.88.

Under law, anyone making an application for WFTC must work a minimum of 16 hours per week.


Inland Revenue

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