ISA savers can move cash but keep tax benefits

Investors with cash individual savings accounts
(ISAs) will
be able to swap their investments into higher-risk stocks and shares without
losing their tax benefits.

The changes, launched by economic secretary to the Treasury Ed Balls, are
planned to encourage savers to have more freedom to spread their assets.

ISA savings could be transferred to other investments
without affecting their annual ISA investment limit, currently £7,000. They will
not be able to transfer ISA funds invested in equities into cash.

While the industry welcomed the move towards flexibility, others questioned
whether people with cash ISAs would be interested in swapping into equity ISAs,
and that the scheme should work the other way around.

Justin Modray at Bestinvest Brokers told the FT Money that it was
more common for younger people to invest in equities, then move to cash
investments later in life.

Calls have also been made to increase the investment limit in ISAs.

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