Microsoft outlines ‘vision’ for business customers

The strategy includes expansion and enhancement of existing solutions, creation of new solutions and delivering next-generation business applications with the aim of ‘transforming business processes for customers, partners, suppliers and employees’.

In a two-hour keynote speech in which Microsoft Business Solutions president Doug Burgum waxed lyrical about the company’s vision to help people in their ‘pursuit of personal happiness’, he evaded specific questions on where he hoped the company would be in five years time, who its competitors were and how he defined its target market.

But of the software giant’s aim to fulfil human potential, Burgum said: ‘It’s hard to find a place software has not touched. Software is one of the things that most resembles the human brain. If we can extend the ability to think then the more achievements we can make.’

‘I think it’s fair and appropriate for a company like Microsoft to say that,’ he added.

As for the company’s competitors, Burgum said: ‘The real competition is against ourselves. I’d like to turn our competitors into potential partners.’

Predictions for Microsoft’s future market share were also dodged. ‘We know it’s going to be big, bigger than we even think,’ he said. ‘We’re going to keep grinding away and when the demand hits, we’ll be there. ‘We want to have whatever should be the appropriate share for the market leader,’ said Burgum.

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