Taxman breaks filing record

The figure is due to be released today as part of a series of statistics
about the returns.

More than 1.4 million PAYE submissions were received over the internet this
year – 5% more than last year.

An average of 10,227 returns an hour were received during 16 May, beating the
previous record of 8,700 submissions an hour recorded during January.

The online tax return filing system is being watched closely at present, with
its robustness a stated test that needs to be passed before Lord Carter’s
proposals for the reform of tax filing can be implemented in full.

Lord Carter proposed moving deadlines to November for e-filing and September
for paper filing, prompting a storm of criticism.

The last PAYE filing process was not as smooth as HMRC would have liked, with
some advisers saying that delays due to technology problems led to them filing
with little time to spare before the 19 May deadline.

HMRC will also reveal that 95% of the submissions met quality standards, with
a spokesman saying that the remainder of returns were likely to have been
corrected since.

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