FDs want early retirement

A resounding 70% said they planned to retire well before 65, the statutory age of retirement for men.

‘What a great question,’ said an anonymous respondent. ‘Definitely not, 50 is old enough for anyone and in this day and age only a fool assumes they will still be working past 50!’

‘I am putting enough away to ensure I can retire at 55,’ said Graham Mill, financial director at Eclochem.

Others had more luxurious reasons for saving. ‘Buying a boat and sailing around the world would be much better. I think that I will work until I have saved enough money,’ said one FD.

A mere 12% of over 200 FDs interviewed this week said they intended to work until they were 65. But, those that are eager, appeared positively joyous. ‘I am now 70 and still going!’ said one FD. ‘I’m already over 60 and I will continue because I love it,’ said another.

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