Coopers & Lybrand, IBM and Lorien P-E join IMC to credit consultants

Coopers & Lybrand, IBM and Lorien P-E are working with the IMC on the first stage of the development of a credit transfer and accumulation framework for management consultants.

Small groups of less experienced staff in the practices will be asked to identify the range of skills and knowledge they need to gain to become fully-fledged management consultants. The value of different learning activities, such as formal training and mentoring will also be evaluated.

Managers will be interviewed for their views. The credit system will not replace the practices’ own standards, but will allow external recognition for those on the way to becoming management consultants. Credits will then be a currency that can be put towards the IMC’s Certified Management Consultant qualification or another qualification such as a Masters degree.

An event about this work with large practices will be held in March, in Central London, date and times to be arranged. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jean Garner at IMC.

The second phase of the Project, supported by the Department of Trade & Industry’s Sector Challenge, will focus on the management consultancy needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and the accreditation schemes run for and by Business Links, TECs etc. The IMC is pleased to announce that Honeycomb Consultancy, working with Thames Valley University, has been appointed to carry out this work.

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