MPs look at judges’ powers after BCCI case collapse

The Commons constitutional affairs committee is looking into whether judges
should be able to bring pointless trials to an earlier halt, according to
The Daily Telegraph.

The paper reports today that, in the wake of the verdict in the BCCI case
which was scathing in its condemnation of liquidators Deloitte’s prospects in
suing The Bank of England for ‘misfeasance’, MPs said they would look into the
issue further.

Alan Beith, the Liberal Democrat committee chairman, said: ‘The judge’s
comments in this case certainly make you sit up and take notice. There is a lot
of criticism directed at those bringing the BCCI case.

‘The committee will want to continue discussions we have had on exactly what
powers judges have at their disposal to stop a case they believe will be
extremely expensive and tie up a lot of court time but does not have a chance of

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